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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is a type of surgery that focuses on repairing or correcting issues with the bones, joints, and ligaments of pets. This type of surgery is often performed to treat conditions such as hip dysplasia, torn cruciate ligaments, and arthritis, which can cause pain and mobility issues in pets. Orthopedic surgery can also be performed to repair fractures, correct congenital deformities, and improve the overall function of the bones and joints. The specific type of orthopedic surgery will depend on the individual pet's needs. A consultation with one of our veterinarians will be performed to determine if orthopedic surgery is the best option for your pet and to develop a plan for their recovery. Most orthopedic surgeries can be performed at our hospital. On occasion our patients must be referred to a veterinary referral hospital to be treated with specialized equipment or intensive care during complex surgeries.​

Should my pet have orthopedic surgery?

The success rate of orthopedic surgery in pets is high, and most pets experience significant improvement in mobility and quality of life after the procedure. However, it's important to understand that recovery from orthopedic surgery can take several weeks to several months, and pets may need to limit physical activity and undergo rehabilitation to ensure a successful outcome.

What techniques do you use?

For CCL tears (ACL in humans/torn cruciate ligament) we use two different techniques. For smaller dogs, we use a lateral stabilization technique and for larger dogs we use the tightrope technique.

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