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Emergencies & After Hours

Regrettably, we do not offer after-hours emergency services for small animal clients, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and exotics.


**Please note that emergency services will have an added surcharge/additional fee**

What is considered an emergency?

An emergency refers to a critical medical situation that requires immediate attention. This may include cases where a pet's life is at risk and prompt treatment within 24 hours is necessary to prevent irreversible harm or debilitation. Below are some examples of an emergency.

  • Distraught breathing +/- tongue is turning blue

  • Hit by car

  • Long lasting seizures that occur every few hours or less and are not slowing down

  • Eye bulging out of head

  • Bloated abdomen and constant attempts to vomit without producing any substance.

  • Unable to urinate for 12 hours or more

  • Collapsed

  • Open fracture

  • Non stop bleeding from an open wound

  • Ate something toxic

  • Cat not eating for more than 24 hours

Alternative Emergencies Clinics


2300 54e Avenue, Lachine, QC


2616 Bank St, Ottawa, ON

Animal Emergency & Specialty Hospital

1155 Lola St #201, Ottawa, ON

VCA Canada Ottawa Veterinary Hospital

2148 Carling Ave #7, Ottawa, ON

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