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New Online Store Coming June 3rd, 2024

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Welcome to the Martintown
Animal Hospital

First purchased on August 1st 1986, by Dr. Ian R MacNaughton DVM the Martintown Animal Hospital started off small and has grown to fit the needs of the community. Currently, we have a team of five skilled veterinarians who are committed to delivering the best possible care for your beloved pets. We understand that pets are an important part of your family and we strive to make sure they receive the same level of care and attention as our own pets.


With our growing success, we have also had the opportunity to welcome a new generation of veterinarians who have bought into our practice. These young and enthusiastic vets bring fresh perspectives and cutting-edge knowledge to our clinic, ensuring that we continue to provide the most advanced and effective treatments for your pets.


We take pride in our journey from humble beginnings to becoming a leading animal hospital in our community. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to upholding the values that have earned us the trust and loyalty of our clients.If you have any questions, please call.

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